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M.M. Justus

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I apologize for not putting it up on Amazon for a month, but I wanted to experiment to see if my blog was noticeable enough that you would see the post without going on Amazon. I did a "M.M. Justus" Google search to find out where it would place: page 2 of the results. A lesson to us indies that people may be talking about us, but we may need to do a full search. A lesson to me-- maybe I can do something to make my blog go up on Google results.

M.M. Justus

This whole marketing thing is such a learning experience. I think the fact that I didn't find this until you put it up on Amazon is a testament to the fact that Google Alerts just isn't working any more, and I'm either going to need to find another app for that, or start doing the searches manually again. I was depending on GA to do the work for me. That'll larn me, as my uncle who lived on Justus Rd. would say.

Also, and this is *not* intended as a "please buy another book" sort of thing, but it did occur to me that if you enjoy straight historical fiction, True Gold, the 2nd book in my Time in Yellowstone series is only loosely connected to the other two, with no time travel involved. It's about the Klondike Gold Rush from a young woman's perspective.

Anyway, thanks again so much for the good review. I really appreciate it.


I love Jack London so I'm attracted to gold rush stuff. I will check it out.

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