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Agreed. Then when you're halfway between teaching and the grave, you're permitted to indulge a bit.


Dave, as someone who recently became a stepparent, your perspective truly resonated with me. The challenge of adolescence, where babies are trapped in young-adult bodies yet with occasionally very adult minds, is to become other-centered--just at the point when they are starting to shape their egos. It's a daily battle waged between child self and adult self, and as you point out so well, often the adult self loses and the adults on duty must do a heck of a lot more than they had to during the teen's childhood. The larger body moving through space leaves more trash and trauma in his wake; more laundry, more expense, more food consumed. I have found myself engaged in old-school rants: "If you know so much, then go on out there: (points to the door) feed yourself, clothe yourself, and drive away to a place to live. Oh, wait a minute. You can't."

But adults shouldn't rant and there's the rub; I have to grow up in this respect, too.

Thanks for posting.


Thanks for reading BwP, Lyn. The romance of parenting is in the 0-7 year-old stage, I find. People are so concerned with doing the right thing early. But after the golden tweens, crucial development starts right up again, and you've got to be on your toes with a different set of skills and things to watch out for. As for stepparenting, a wise person told me less is more in that area, and I'm trying to tread lightly while still caring.


Bob-- Will do so, as soon as I get that garbage can out to the curb again!

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