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Dave, I hadn't noticed the number of Christian references until the movie...and this is from someone who had the cassette for years and who saw the stage musical. My new favorite lyric is, "To love another person is to see the face of God." And I have to say, it was nice to see the camera let each actor/singer get overwrought...instead of the frenetic Hunger Games camera movement. It was nice to rest in a song and let 'er rip. :-) (I'm not disagreeing that the musical was hyper-sentimental, but this gal's a sucker for that!)

Thanks for this post.

Tony Whittaker

Thanks so much for your insights. I believe that this film represents a major opportunity for us to start conversations with outsiders, and I've tried to draw together some helpful resources on the Digital Evangelism Issues blog:


Lyn--Absolutely see where you're coming from. It just seemed a bit of a firehose of sentiment for me. Still, I loved all the themes of moral choice.

Tony-- Glad BwP can be part of the digital message.

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