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Jane E.

Very interesting, David. I've never taken a M-B test, so I don't know where I'd fall. But I'm rereading the Aeneid--going back and forth between it and War and Peace--and I'll start paying more attention to who's lying and who's not. Obviously, in Book 2, Aeneas recaps the lies that Sinon and the other Greeks told during the siege of Troy, and there does seem to be a lot of atmospheric cloudiness or fog, sometimes brought on by Venus, in the first two books. B/c it's been twenty or thirty years since I read that epic, I was amazed at how prominent the females' (mortals' and immortals') roles are in the first two-and-a-half books. Thanks for your post that prompted me to think!


Jane, Wow! W+P and the Aeneid at the same time. Wisdom, thy name is Jane. You're right, Venus is a big liar in Book I of the Aeneid. She appears to Aeneas in disguise and never tells him it is her-- but when she turns around to leave, her disguise "falls off" and he can see her beautiful neck and smell her perfume! This "consternates" him to no end. I would be too if my mom did the same thing.

As to MBTI, you should take a quick one and tell me what you got. Look here for one with explanations.

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