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Bob Mustin

Thanks for posting it, David - I always like imagined reconstructions like that. But a question:
I'm very weak on Roman history/architecture - did all of these structures exist in good condition at the same time?


I would say most of them date from at least the 1st century AD, though you can tell from the names of some that they were later. Septimius Severus, who has an arch, is later. Theater of Pompey is late 1st c. BC. Temple of Venus and Roma is pretty late, mid-2nd c. AD. The Septizodium, weird name for a weird structure, was done by Marcus Aurelius, which is 3rd c. AD. The Meta Sudans I had never heard of, nor the bronze Colossus of the Sun. They are 1st c. AD. The Aqua Claudia is also 1st AD. Baths of Caracalla is 3rd AD. Baths of Trajan 1st.

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