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In my writing about ENFPs and Aphrodite, I'd say that the most exception ENFPs take to my comparison is the idea of fickleness and loyalty. Some ENFPs are very particular about their heart-trueness to others and let me know about it.

I don't want to come off as flippant about the subject. I DON'T think the average ENFP is out there to scalp hearts. I do think that when an ENFP is outgoing, optimistic, and charming, he or she is going to attract a lot of possessive, needy people who want to own them, and who will get the impression that the ENFP is flighty and fickle when that ENFP doesn't immediately shut down all other relationships for them.

I do think there are a few ENFP's out there who use attraction as a game. It all depends on what they've lived already and how they're personally wired.

pandora wood

This is scarily spot-on. I attract so many needy/possessive types, it's just ridiculous and only contributes to my unintentional fickleness


Ouch... sorry, Pandora. It's nice to be attractive, not so nice to attract not the right kind. Reminds me of the story of how the Norse god Odin received the gift of insight in exchange for one of his eyes. Personality giveth, and personality taketh away.

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