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Bob Mustin

The larger the canvas, the broader the brush strokes, when it comes to movies. Isn't emotion part of the mythic panoply, too?

Johanna Olson

I agree with him. He is on the right track of what a reall hero is. It is a great movie. About time someone did a movie on them. I have never understood the bigotry. I remember being in Alexandria, LA and needing to go to the bathroom at the airport. I went in the one labeled "WOMEN". Everyone was agast. I went in the black bathroom. When I was yelled at I was angry. "A woman is a woman. Black white yellow brown. We are all the same" I yelled back. Boy did I get dirty looks. Made me glad I was born in California


@Bob, Emotion is apparently not high on the list of movie critics' virtues.

@Johanna, thanks for telling your story. We need to remember and keep telling!

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