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I think the thing that magazines/web sites don't understand is that people actually click on links like "Amanda Knox" because they are looking for more details. But then every article just regurgitates the same stupid stuff. I still have never heard the details of the knox story such as 'I was here, I came home, i saw x, then x happened....i never knew Guede...or i met this person once..." all they ever say is that she denies she 'did what they say she did' and that she compares to jessica rabbit--whoever that is! it's all junk, not info, and i don't find it entertaining at all.


Sheryl-- Theoretically if you bought a book about her (which costs money, of course) you would get the answers you are looking for. The (free) Internet doesn't guarantee you are going to get high-quality content. I think we went through a time with the Internet when everybody thought that paying for information was dead. I don't think it is.

Here is an Amazon listing for a well-reviewed book on Knox:

And Jessica Rabbit? Comparing a cartoon character to a human is just bound to be confusing. Gah!

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