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Bob Mustin

We forget that many of the ones we now consider literary greats self-published, or were published via one-horse pub ventures:

G.B. Shaw
Percy B. Shelley
Walt Whitman
Thomas Hardy
Ernest Hemingway
Robert Bly

as well as others:
John Grisham
Zane Grey
Pat Conroy

But the caveat is that if you haven't taken the time to develop your writerly chops, it's all for naught.

Lyn Fairchild Hawks

Amen to what Bob said.

I like how this article recommending these YA reads neatly acknowledges our human need to find our identity...and how YA satisfies that for all ages.



Bob, I agree that writerly chops are important-- as is a good editor. Unfortunately that's a guarantee of nothing. The Kardashians are writing novels, I hear. I think their stuff will sell, but I'm not sure of the quality of the writing.

We need to acknowledge that best sellers are not always well written, and well-written books don't always sell. You probably have a better chance of being recognized as good if you write well, but you also have to market, market, market.

Lyn, thanks for that link. As you know, I've been championing the stories of teens for years, seeing in the journey to adulthood a immensely important, compelling, and exciting source for great stories. Looking forward to seeing your well-written YA work in print.

Bob Mustin

I think the test isn't whether your books fly off the shelves in the first three months, or even a year; rather it's are they selling well 10 years later, 20 years later. There's no real way to market that, but if you write well, and you speak to your time well in what you write, I think your work will more nearly withstand the vagaries of time.

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