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As far as 'that's it for plot'... well, there were so many levels to this seemingly simple plot, that it bears watching again and again. This make take the place of Mr. Darcy, as my favorite Colin Firth character.


Agree! What I meant was "that's all I'm going to tell you about the plot." I'm very conscious of spoilers in this space, especially with great movies such as TKS.

Moomin Light

Thank you for being so conscious of spoilers. I don't like to know too much of the plot ahead of time because watching it unfold is part of the beauty of a story. As a result, I usually don't read more than the first paragraph of reviews (or even the jackets of books), but I don't have to do that here.


It's funny you mention book reviews, because I once had a book review editor who told me that I needed to describe more of the plot in my reviews, whereas I thought I was doing a good job by giving the flavor of the book while not giving it all away. Some editors assume that those who read the reviews are not going to read the book, but if it's a good book I try to entice a little bit.

Bob Mustin

I like it that PA is sharing center stage with his teacher, not a Rasputin or Machiavelli, but someone who is trying to help him become a more complete person.

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