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Wow! What a great reflection. This is the best description of faith, the best apology for Christianity, I have seen in ages. Thank you for writing this and for sharing it.

Every now and again I see changes in people. That 5% change makes the other 95% of the time more palatable. I believe that God is always offering grace to transform us to be more like Christ, but that we often choose not to accept it. And sometimes grace is afoot where we cannot see it. Thanks again.


Thanks a million, Summer! "Best" is such a great adjective. And coming from you, the theology authority, it means even more. I agree about the 5%, that sounds just about the right percentage for me, for sure. I feel as if I have taken some opportunities to transform myself, just by dint of having been given such a huge amount. Hopefully as I get older and wiser the percentage will increase. Merry Christmas, sister.

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