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Bob Mustin

Regarding all those old T-shirts - - I hope they still fit.


Hee, hee. I thought you were going to ask about the capers. They didn't keep as long as the liquor, but I held on to 'em just the same-- pyew!


Heh heh. DF, if you MUST toss something, just take a photo of it first. It's not the same, but will still bring back the memory. My "memory" t-shirts got wet and molded, and no longer fit anyway. It was photo time for them. Even the IVCF ones, sigh.


Digitalization! The universal solution. I will take one and post it here once I find the cable to my camera.


I've seen people who fold their favorite t's and frame them. Cheap decor. Won't help with the moldy ones, though.

Maybe you can make a shadow box with the liquor bottle in it. Give it to Celeste as a house-warming gift.


Thanks for the suggests, Ron! ;>)


I like dwelling in the past--as long as it's good memories! As long as it's only a few choice items (Granny square blankets excluded!)

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