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Although I'm not sure how this adds to the discussion, don't you think Maureen O'Hara's role in Parent Trap is very similar to the one in McLintock? In regards to the plot, the separation/divorce and reunion following on a child's influence is present in both. The movies were filmed only 2 years apart.

Perhaps these movies show an increased discomfort with the rise of the divorce rate? I don't know the statistics.


Ashlie, As is often the case with your movie and other good story references, I had to look up what you meant by McLintock. I'd never heard of the movie, which is somewhat unusual for one with John Wayne. I will obviously have to take a look.

The anxiety about modernism and the sexual revolution must certainly have been ramping up during this time, however. The 1982 movie Diner, directed by Barry Levinson, explores the terrible pressure in the late fifties and early sixties to get married despite one's misgivings.

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