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Bob Mustin

Well, let's start the ball rolling with an all black cast:

Aeneas - Denzel Washington
Dido - Queen Latifah
Turnus - Chris Brown



Bob, At 55 Denzel is probably too old to play Aeneas, who goes probably from 30 to about 45 in the course of the epic. But I like the idea.

What about me? I have to give this a little more thought.


Aeneas... Christian Bale
Dido... Virginia Madsen
Turnus... someone young, stupid and muscular-- are there any left out there?
Lavinia... Emma Watson
Juno... Susan Sarandon

I think that instead of having the divinities be in the epic as characters, I would like them to say their lines as academics while holding the book in a seminar.

Bob Mustin

What about Mark Wahlberg as Turnus? Maybe not stupid enough.


Mark Wahlberg is now 38 years old! Who woulda thunk it? Maybe a nice Italian actor would be good, somebody who can't speak English too well.


They are re-making Ray Harryhausen's "Clash of the Titans" which I guess was loosely based on the story of Perseus. Liam Neeson as Zeus and Sam Worthington (the emerging action star of the moment) as Perseus. If that does well I bet they make "The Odyssey" for the big screen with all the bells and whistles.


Thanks for the heads up, bro. That might make a nice blog post.

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