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Lyn Fairchild Hawks

Hi, Dave,

Now I wish I'd gone to see Elizabeth! But you brought her to life for me.

I'm curious as to what you think about children's mythmaking at a very young age. My friend just told me about her two year-old making up stories about "monsters." My friend has never told monster stories, and living in a small apartment in a big city, the child rarely sees a lot of other children and doesn't watch much TV. My friend said, "Where did she get these monster characters from?"

I blame it on good ol' archetypes imprinted in our brains. You?

Thanks for a great post!


Bob Mustin

I'm with you on "depth" and "thoughtfulness" as regards fiction, David. We probably still differ on the myth issue, but that's a conversation for another day.


Lyn, I think that inside us there is a pretty primal fear mechanism that is prone to create monster stories, but I also think her two-year old must have heard the word monster and understood from someone else what a monster is. So the answer is both-- I think fear is innate (or close to it) but I think children must learn how to put a name on that fear.

Bob, Been talking about this to a couple of other folks and I think I may be blogging about it again soon. Stay turned.

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