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Did you see Amy in Confessions of a Shopaholic? It's a fun movie as well. She's delightful (I know that sounds like a grandma word, but she is).


Will have to check that one out, Sheryl.

BTW, a reader wrote this to me: "Amy playing Meg? Meg is much cuter." I do not agree with this, though When Harry Met Sally is in my top 3 of movies. I go with the redheads every time.

Bob Mustin

Becca and I saw J&J today - we were possibly the youngest people in the theater, not sure why. Actually, I thought Amy did a fine job with Julie, maybe eclipsed a bit by Meryl, which is hardly criticism. The guy who played her husband did a fine job in support as well. I might entertain an "O" for best supporting actor for both husbands.


You're the first to agree with me on the Amy-as-Meg diagnosis of this performance! My opinion: it's not just Ephron's writing, but also Amy's own inflections that make her sound like Meg Ryan in the movies you mentioned. I'm entertained by Meg in all three, but not by Adams in this one. My kudos still mostly to Streep (and also to Tucci) for Julie & Julia.


Bob, I loved Stanley Tucci/Paul Child, but I didn't like the other guy-- he seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time stuffing his face with food, as if that would be a good way to convey that it was delicious. Tucci was way more subtle. Anyway, I liked him better.

Ashlie, I've seen Amy in "Enchanted" and "Night at the Smithsonian" and this is the first time I was reminded of Meg Ryan. Eerily reminded.

Thanks to both of you for your input!

Michael Leddy

Adams has a good turn as a nun in Doubt, a film whose performances outweigh (for me) the script.

I liked this movie — a lot, but I wonder how many viewers end up wishing that it had been Julia & Paul.


Amy Adams wasn't in Confessions of Shopaholic. The actress is Isla Fisher. They do resemble each other though. :)


TIm Tam, thanks for setting us all straight. And Michael, I think it would have been a good film just Julia and Paul. There is plenty of material, but maybe not enough twentysomething appeal.

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