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Bob Mustin

I think Sarah typifies one sort of ego - the kind that can dish out heat but can't take it. As you implied, in her home, kitchen, and church, she was able to manipulate when she couldn't dominate - but when she moved to the big leagues, she had to take more than a few hits in reply.

Doesn't myth say something as well about how beauty, personality and, well, rhetoric, are - or can be - counterbalanced by their "darkside" equivalents?


Bob, Thanks as always for an intelligent and thought-provoking comment. I agree with you about SP's limitations as a manipulator. Some people are used to getting their way, but in order to get it wherever you are, you do need to have a huge amount of-- chutzpah. Cheney's an example of a person who just rammed through everything he wanted and didn't worry about the consequences, and it worked for a long time.

As to the "dark side," Aphrodite shows that in spades, as a divinity who embodies all the positive and negative qualities of sexuality, including the "sweet talking"/power talk side of it used to manipulate. See her conversation with Helen in Iliad, Book 3, or the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, where Zeus makes her fall in love with a mortal as revenge for her powers over him.

Kelly Planer

Yes - I love the college football player not quitting mid-season to prepare for pros analogy.

Part of me feels sorry for the Governor, part of me wants to tell her to stop talking... and the other part - well, I won't vote for her, but I'm quite curious to see where she'll end up.

Speaker circuit is my guess.


PS - I put up a couple of websites since we've last chatted - and - have at 'em.

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