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M Light

I was just mentioning this to dear husband on our walk this evening. I'd followed the link from Sean's recent comment on your blog back to the Fullsteam page.

Dear husband and I decided that, when it opens, we need to invite our friends next door to go with us. He and the husband next door like to occasionally try out new beers so they'd love a place like this. With my low tolerance for alcohol, I'd just go for the food - and the pies sound interesting (as long as they're NOT Sondheimesque!).

I was impressed with the enthusiasm that comes through on the website, and I generally prefer locally owned places rather than chains.

You definitely need a third place. My current one is the Mad Hatter Cafe, where we sit at a table in the sun overlooking the (now blooming) trees on Duke's East Campus and watch the trains go by. Or, if I go by myself, I bring a good book, sit in the sun, occasionally look up at the trees on East Campus, etc.


I am putting a search for the third place on my list, Moom.

I think that if Fullsteam becomes my third place and the Bullies are as good as they sound, I will have to ramp up my exercise to work off the beer and pie. Another good side effect of patronizing a local business.


For the record, our bullies will indeed be Sondheimesque. Market differentiation, baby!

In all seriousness, thank you so much, Dave, for the kind write-up. I'm deeply honored and appreciative. I just hope we live up to these lofty expectations.

And thank you, M Light, for your kind words as well. I'm glad the sense of optimism and enthusiasm comes through the series of tubes.

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