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As we talked about a few weeks ago, I too have been following Garyvee. Great insights about the class clown as a teacher.

I wonder how much Gary can push the "I'm going to be as successful as Oprah" thing while people cheer him on...instead of booing his success. For now, he seems amazingly able to generate new fans while maintaining his legion of current adorers.


The announcement that Gary has made a deal with Harper for 10 books and seven figures (wow-- but it's not a gamble on Harper's part; he will deliver on book #1) will be a challenge to him. He made his rep on new media, and he's made a huge deal with old media.

I don't think that will affect his street cred that much, however. My question is, can he continue to be fresh for a lot longer when his message finally gets out to a large group of people? He is running on

a. Follow your dream
b. Work hard
c. Value family
d. Have integrity
e. Be engaged in and benefit from your community

which is a great message, but maybe not one he can keep telling successfully once people know about it and want to hear the next great thing.

What I like about Seth Godin, another Internet marketing guru, is that he comes out with new messages pretty often, feeding people's need for novelty.

Gary has flared up very hot. Now we get to see whether there's fuel underneath that initial heat. I hope he knocks it out of the park.

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