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Andrew thinks the lost city of Atlantis. My random guess is the Scots. Really, I've been distracted the whole post because I'm such a sci-fi fan. The Asgard are the coolest race in SG-1 (spin-off: Atlantis).

My cousin Quentin knew a guy who used to "talk" with Odin. Go figure. Also, if you can't draw that well, the Norse gods are pretty easy to doodle on the ol' Trapper Keeper, owing to their easy symbols. (I never could get the wings right on Icarus). Plus, they are similar to He-Man figurines, sort of. Not the high-minded response you wanted, but that's where I'm coming from as I read about your explorations of Norse mythology.


High-minded is completely optional, Summer. 8>) I love to hear how pop culture has appropriated these stories.

Here's a hint: one of the main cultures of the ancient world also traced its origins to Troy, and there is a famous poem about those origins which Snorri probably was thinking of when he wrote the Prose Edda.

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