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Not the superlative choice, but it was recently on cable, so I'm reminded: The Children's Hour. Thought-provoking for not only the obvious reasons.


Thanks, Iulia. You reminded me that Now, Voyager is one of the films I'd include in this list.


I'm not sure if I can tell between mainstream and under-the-radar films entirely. The films that make me think the most are those that juxtapose great pain and beauty, like Horseman on the Roof, The Pianist, and Water. They speak to me because they are so filled with light and dark, like music and well-balanced voices.

I think the last time I felt like a movie's message inspired me directly was in college when I saw Good Will Hunting. The freedom of owning innocence, and how hard it is to let something not be your fault. Wow. That made a difference to me.


Thanks for these titles. I don't know the first three you mention. Back to the video store...

As to Good Will Hunting, maybe you should blog about that. Sounds like an edifying story.


Horseman on the Roof is one of those beautiful but graphic French films. Water is from India. Is The Pianist also subtitled? I think probably. I have a quiet obsession with foreign films.

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