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Bob Mustin

Intriguing. I'd love to hear you and another David (Brooks) talk political personalities.


I've never trusted those tests. My results always reflect my mood at the time I take them and I have never scored the same way twice.


Maybe the tests are fine and I'm just crazy.


Bob, Here's an idea-- a syndicated column called Conversations with a Mythologist. Brooks could be like Bill Moyers and I could be like Joseph Campbell.

Alex, I agree with you to an extent. Dividing the totality of humanity into 16 personality types has got to be inaccurate, but it's useful to me as another data point. I thrive on "reading" people-- gathering data about them, listening to them, and then reacting as best I can to create harmony. That's why sometimes I think I would be a good sales rep. Myers-Briggs gives me another way to read.

By the way, for you, there is such a thing as the XXXX type, which is a person who is about even in all four axes. In general, if you do come out even, the M-B types figure you are more like ESTJ than anything else.


After reading though all the descriptions of "ESJT" I think its very odd that I've never had that result. It was the first time I've ever read through that and consistently exclaimed, "That's me!"

Oddly enough, seeing it in writing amplifies some things and clarifies others.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction!


Glad to know I've helped, Alex.


I completely disagree with this. Obama is definitely INTJ. Being open to others' views is TOTALLY INTJ. INTJs are "the supreme pragmatists" and "the most open minded of all types." INTJs are totally focused on finding what works best. The only way to do this is to surround yourself with people who are going to give you as many diverse opinions as possible. His "team of rivals" strategy is not about bringing everyone together so they can all be happy, which would make him an F. It's about having the ability to examine a question from every possible angle. Being sure of yourself as an INTJ comes partly from the knowledge that you're not constricted by pride or sentiment. You have no problem dumping a bad idea, which few people can do. ENFJs are so emotional, they would never want to see conflict like you would have in a team of rivals.

As far as the E/I question, he is definite I. He does not connect with people when he gives interviews and speeches, which is typical INTJ- there's always a little distance there. People love him because they are in awe of him, which leads them to see something of themselves in him, but that is not the same as feeling connected to someone. Also, read Newsweek's "behind the campaign" series. Whenever he had free time, his staffers would be disappointed with the fact he would spend it alone reading as opposed to socializing like Bill Clinton did. That's totally I. Es do whatever they can to spend time around others.

To return to the idea of people being in awe of Obama, this is also very INTJ. "INTJs may appear to project an aura of 'definiteness' or self-confidence about them." People love to admire the INTJ from afar, but few ever get close. That describes Obama so well.

You picked two of the most emotional, sentimental types, and Obama is the coolest, most logical politician to come along in a long time.

I agree with you that people mistyping Obama as ENFP is insane. He is imaginative and passionate, but in no way idealistic. He is incredibly pragmatic, which is the opposite of ENFP. You seem to have implied, however, that Clinton was ENFP. I don't agree. I think he was definitely S. Being smart does not necessarily make you imaginative.

Anyway, that's just the two cents of an enthusiastic MBTI user.

All quotes from TypeLogic or PersonalityPage


If "J", you say, a person who wants to get things done and cross them off his list. Well, an "ENFP" wants things done too, and won't leave it undone as long as it remains his interest, and it is his interest when it's all about "change".

Not all ENFPs are bedhoppers. I know a man ENFP who at 26, is still a virgin (never been involved with sex with male or female). And that is because of his strong conviction to his value systems (which include that his virginity is the best gift he can give to his future wife).

See? the fact that many say Obama is mistyped, is a proof that he is an ENFP. The most complicated type.

"Someone implied that Obama is logical and ENFP is not logical so he is not an ENFP". I have to disagree. My professor who is an ENFP (consistently ENFP based on various tests), is very logical. He loves facts and precision. But yes, he's gay :)



Didn't mean to diss ENFP's, renz. I should reiterate what sometimes gets lost, which is that there is no "best" type in the MBTI system-- everyone has strengths and weaknesses.


I also disagree on ENFPs being bedhoppers; at least they aren't while in a relationship, because they value loyalty very much... And I think Obama could be an ENFX...


I regret the generalization about ENFPs-- it isn't fair as it's worded.

I now wish that the President would take the test and/or disclose what he really is, because there have been a lot of diverging opinions!

My latest idea? XNXJ. The more x's, the more difficult a person is to figure out.

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