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Mmmm, I grew up in San Francisco and never knew how lucky I was to have access to the fresh sourdough bread available just about anywhere in the city. Even after I departed the Navy in San Diego and settled in Orange County, I still had ready access to a good day-old loaf with little effort.

Now I'm all the way across the country (not very far from your friend in Greensboro) and Sourdough is second on the list of "Things I Wish I could have Brought With Me," right behind In-n-Out burger.


My then wife and I used to bring an empty suitcase when we visited SF, and filled it with sourdough bread (and other SF-only delicacies) which we sliced, bagged, and put into the freezer. Nowadays there is LaBrea French bread in the supermarket, which is not bad, and Trader Joe's has come here, where we used to buy the cheap, excellent wine, dried cranberries, polenta, and other things we couldn't get here.


Did I understand you to say the bread wasn't very sour?
Browns Summit

kenda travis

I need to buy sour dough

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