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I can't remember if the raccoon in Sterling North's Rascal died. I remember that I cried and my heart hurt when I finished it so it's entirely possible!

Oh, and you don't have Charlotte's Web up there!

Sorry to not be more helpful, but I'm too weak to read stories where animals die. The ones I have read have all been by accident.

(My husband still teases me about the time we watched Old Yeller and I was a wreck. How could I have gotten to my twenties without being braced for Old Yeller?!)


Well, I don't know if there are that many more animal death stories to avoid-- I went into this thinking they were ubiquitous, but now I'm thinking they are not frequent at all.

Thanks for your contribution!


Oh, yes - Where the Red Fern Grows. For my own protection, I'd completely blocked that out. :P


does A Fish Called Wanda count? Dog death plays a significant role there.


A Fish Called Wanda? I've seen that movie, but I don't remember any dogs in it. It has been too long! Thanks for the tip; I'll investigate.


Cujo & Pet cemetery in horror, Call of the Wild


Which reminds me that genre stories have their own rules.

In comedies (such as A Fish Called Wanda), any death must be one that is emotionally distancing. I checked out the dog death clips of that movie and said to myself, this is dark but not devastating. That's the nature of comedy.

For horror, dogs can be villains, in which case sympathy is not called for. Alternatively, in Jurassic Park there is a dog eaten by a dinosaur. Somewhat traumatic, but not like in a traditional family drama.

Thanks, some_myrrh, for the data.

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