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I have recently given up on doing the crossword puzzles in the local paper. There are too many misused, misspelled and just plain wrong clues that I find it more frustrating than enjoyable. I got 8 of your 13 clues without much thought. Guess I'm old.


We are all getting older by the minute, Alex! That's the sad-- and glorious-- truth. As Cicero said, we trade youth for wisdom. Whether it's a fair trade is anyone's guess. Feel free to share one of the answers with us. If you got #5, bravo. That is one of the hardest, I think.


I didn't get #5. (At least not on first glance.) the ones the popped out at me were: #3- eyes, (Though I did try to fit "peepers" into it at first.)
#6- To the moon,
#7 Berle,
#8 Wise,
#10- Pegasus,
#11- Petrie,
#12- Rob
and the bonus- Twenties.

Though now that I look at the clue for #11, I think it may not be the answer you're looking for.


Good job, Alex. Petrie is indeed correct. Anyone else want to try one?

M Light

#1: Elsa?
#9: Sunday

I have a new online game. I pull up the Sunday Book Reviews page of the N&O and try to figure out from the first lines which review (if there is one) was written by DF.

I haven't been wrong yet (grin).

1) Elsa
2) Tige
3) Eyes
4) ?
5) Mathis
6) To the Moon!
7) Berle
8) Wise
9) Sunday
10) Pegasus
11) Petrie
12) Rob

I've seen Tw'eaks - but don't know Sherry!


All, The answer to the Twin Peaks clue is "Lee." This was a very popular show for about three seasons in the late eighties, but I managed to miss all but about two episodes. It's probably on DVD.

And Moom, sad to say, the N&O gig has played out now that my editor has moved on. Downsizing hits Breakfast with Pandora, alas.

M Light

That's a shame; I enjoyed your reviews. I hope new opportunities open up for your writing.


I'm looking for 'em.

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