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It seems to be running very badly- when I used it there was a delay in my typing appearing on the screen. Under "Display Options" you can change from Rich Text to Markdown. Maybe it could help a bit, though on my computer it's still not good in about an equal not good way.

The TypePad people need to be put in a corner without their supper for rolling out something that is definately not up to par AND for not leaving an option to use the old interface.

Ky Eliza

I have been having problems uploading images. The screen justs sits there, saying "Uploading, please wait..." I've not been able to upload a 1000x664 pixel picture in rich text or html, safari or firefox. I let the screen stay open for over a half hour and it never uploaded.

Like loafingcactus, I am frustrated that I can't go back to the other version for the time being. I use my blog to display art I have for sale-- it's vital that I am able to upload pics!

Anyway, I found your blog by searching for others who've had problems. Have you experienced image loading issues?


It looks like I can do nothing in Rich Text and purt near everything in HTML mode (including images)-- except change the type font and size and a couple of other newfangled things.

First time Typepad has let me down.

M Light

For some strange reason, reading the title "I have issues" each time I pull up your blog makes me smile.

Seriously, I just wrote posts for the first time with the new interface. It's clunky, and the typing doesn't show up as smoothly as it used to which irritates me. So far, I have been able to do everything I've tried (including Rich Text). The only "fancy" things I've tried, however, have been pictures and italics. I haven't tried adding music yet. If that doesn't work, I have decisions to make.

The one thing that doesn't work well so far on my computer is the "Display options" menu which floats so well that I never can get down to the Ok/Clear buttons without changing my screen view to Full Screen.

A few months ago, when they were still testing the new interface, I ended up getting it rather than the old interface a few times (they said it was by accident). The test version was much worse - writing, posting pictures, and floating menus. I lost a couple of posts trying to deal with it. I was dreading the final version, which, because of my low expectations, doesn't seem too bad.

I hope everything went well for your deadline/details.

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