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The vicarious nature of on-screen sexuality seems clear to me: it is very easy for it to stimulate a sexual experience in oneself.

Violence is much more complicated. For me, violence is an expression of rage (I'm not called upon ever to express violence in a rational way, such as a police officer or a soldier might be.). Very rarely does a movie adequately illustrate rage, and when it does it has to be a rage that I could connect with. The example that comes to mind is the movie Domino, where a very self-contained and sexy woman eventually -in only a moment- expresses rage in response to her self being put secondary to a cheap psychobabble about her femaleness.

More generally, I connect to violence in movies as a rational expression of power, such as Die Hard, and I'm a great fan of shoot-em-ups. But the point of shoot-em-ups is to contain the experience of violence, the blood-n-guts side. Because what makes me most uncomfortable about violence in movies is the reminder that I can be physically damaged. I could be in a car accident tomorrow, be in great pain, have a long recovery. The thought of something like that happening makes me sick.

So, there we are: my personality laid bare? Hmmmmm, again.

M Light

Interesting. I agree with violence being dehumanizing and with your final paragraph. I also have less trouble with sex than violence in movies, but for very different reasons. I wrote a post about that, but it turned out to be very personal so I'm going to think about it more before deciding whether or not to post it.

I find the ideas about story and identification also very interesting, even though I don't find them true for me

M Light

I did end up posting my thoughts.

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