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Of COURSE it is!!!!!! ha ha ha - so cute!


OK - I just read your 'which greek god is YOUR meyers briggs score? Crappity Crap, DF! I'm Apollo... the INTP. So scary. Really. I'm such an Apollo...


Kelly, I definitely had you pegged as an INFP, since you're so accomplished creatively and you value harmony in relationships (at least from what I've read of you). You'd be Hephaestus then. But of course Apollo is a darn good musician, which you are, too.

M Light

An INTP! INTP's are fun (older son is an INTP).


And who wants to be an INFP? You should know, DF, that being an INFP is a cross. Never feeling like you're doing a good enough job making everyone else OK... Never feeling like your work contributes enough... Never feeling like you can relax and just ignore everyone else for a while unless you're mad enough to not care, or too tired to care... Sometimes I wish I were an INTP. Sometimes I feel like I'm a hostage of everyone else's emotions - then I just want them to all BE OK (even if they aren't really) and I'll try to MAKE them OK... Some days I would trade any letter of my four - but particularly the "F" (my strongest score). Oh to be a bit more oblivious...


Moompop, That was so poignant I am inclined to believe you about the cross idea. I have dreamed of being an INTJ, serene in my omniscience.

But I have given up considering my personality or anything about me a cross or a curse, since it is me and that's the only me I have. I'm prone to enough self-recrimination without making it my ontology. Part of the journey is overcoming. Not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know.

Besides, the creativity bonuses are worth it. A little mazy and too technicolor now and then, but worth it.


Ah - look at the conversation this has started - I wish we could all be in the same room and talk about it - I made a huge pot of chili yesterday - so it can be at my INTP house.

As a funny aside, I have a friend who is also a "P" - One day one of his co-workers commented before thinking: "Hey, I really admire your "P"-ness. Read that out loud... ha ha.

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