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Michael Leddy

10: O Brother, Where Art Thou? That line -- by coincidence it seems -- echoes Stanley Lombardo's translation of Odyssey 10, in which Odysseus says "We're in a really tight spot."

The bonus is from Lost in Translation.

I am esp. curious about 9. You've seen a lot of movies I haven't!


Michael, Correct on both! Yes, by coincidence, unless the Coen brothers used Lombardo in their screenplay.

As for #9, maybe you haven't seen it, but you've heard of it, and I dare say it is the most obvious quotation of the bunch.

I'm sure you must have seen #2, but the quotation is probably going to be lost on everyone except big fans.

M Light

I hear 1 in Billy Crystal's voice - When Harry Met Sally?

and I can hear 2 in my head in Harrison Ford's voice. Star Wars.


#9 is definitely and without a doubt from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I am frequently summoned to reenact Mr. Portokalo's etymology of "kimono", which is also funny, but I had forgotten about these lines.

Hope you're well! Are you?


Moom, You got 'em, and Iulia, correct as well. The easy ones are done, I think, though #6 should be easy for anyone of that era.

Bro Matt

Good fun. I think I know a few. #12 is Gladiator (seems like an easy one). #7 is Field of Dreams. #6 is Rainman. Yes? #8 sounds really familiar.

See you soon


Matt, #12 and #6 correct; #7 incorrect, but yes, it's a baseball movie.


#11- The Return of the Pink Panther. Clouseau is pretending to be a blind man "undercover" with an organ grinder's monkey.

M.C. Rodgers

3. Bridget Fonda from "Point of No Return"

M.C. Rodgers

11. Return of the Pink Panther Peter Sellers never actually says "Do you have a license for your monkey". He says to the blind man, "Do you have a license" ...for playing music in public for money.

M.C. Rodgers

7. Bull Durham ? I believe Kevin Costner said to Tim Robbins.


MC Rodgers: #3 may be correct, though I have never seen it. I was thinking of what Roy Hobbs says in "The Natural" about his original sin as a young baseball player. #7 is correct. #11 is also correct. Thank you for playing our game.

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