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My favorites (so far):

Boys Adrift?
Happiness revisited: Cleobis and Biton
Gone With The Wind and the nature of personality
Americans, Phaeacians

Granted, I'm a fairly new reader here. Lord help us if I ever find the time to start from the beginning...


Posts- couldn't name particulars... the early Etwart ones are my favs.

I'm here for the possum story: Once upon a time, I fed a stray cat on my back porch. I stopped putting out the food when a possum moved in, ate all the food, and bit the cat. Possum switched to eating the siding off my house instead.

Any idea of the hidden message from that creature?


Diana, thanks.

And LC, that deserves a LOL; I had this feeling you might not approve of my squishy mystical superstition. To each his own, indeed.


My last encounter with a possum was while looking for one of our cats in a little house by the woods in Bynum, NC. I was heading up the dirt road in the dark, and as I reached the trees, and deeper darkness, I turned on my flashlight. It instantly illuminated a huge rat standing in my way, with a ghastly grin of bared teeth that would have made a doberman proud. It was silent and very still. I cried out, I think, and jumped nearly out of my skin. Then I realized what it was and spoke to it. It just stared, grinning even wider, if possible, and watched me. I returned to the house and tried again ten minutes later, giving it ample time to reboot it's marsupial brain and move out of my way.


Oh - and I vote for the L'Engle post on 9/7/07... I have long insisted that Christian morality does not require what I refer to as "Christian coating" on everything. We loved Walking on Water and read it aloud to each other in our early married days (BC). I also agreed whole heartedly with her sad comment on the state of the English language since the Great War...


Wow--I'm amazed to read this, as I had a similar experience with an opossum (a possum?) just two days ago. I was on campus at the University of South Florida (where I'm a grad student in English) at about 9:30 a.m., and there in this medium/small field was this brownish fellow trotting toward the sidewalk. Aren't they nocturnal? He was using the path that students (I presume) had pressed down with constant shortcutting through the field, but he seemed at that moment to have made it himself. I stopped to look at him, and he noticed, so he stopped and looked at me right back. He didn't seem particularly scared or bothered, and when I moved on I saw him continue his path out of the corner of my eye. Incredible.


Thanks for reading BwP, Kyle.

A little more google blog searching brought out these posts:

Apparently, as MoomPop says above, the opossum's brain is not that large, and so when it stares it may just be staring vacantly. Another source ( said that the case for an oppossum brain holds 25 beans, while the cavity for a raccoon brain holds 150, though I am not sure they are right, since they call opossums mammals instead of marsupials.

So much for Breakfast with Biology.

M Light

["Most popular posts" - not "most fun to argue with" (grin). Let me think...]

Off the top of my head, I'd say the gods and goddesses Myers-Briggs one, and the one you made your award-winning piece out of.

M Light

I also second the vote for Etwart's story/posts (I'd like to read more of Etwart), and for the Boys Adrift post.

I also particularly liked (of the last year's posts): Athena, "Dear grey eyes," Why do storytellers tell?, The Church of the Holy Random Empire, The katabasis of the subway (I love that title), and Paris looks to the horizon, Greece across the table.

I also enjoyed the Harry Potter and Ratatouille posts from last summer, even though (actually, probably because) I argued with them.


I agree with the Myers-Briggs. That earns a spot on the most popular. I will, in fact, make a category for it, since it is a series of posts and I don't want to take up so much sidebar space.

Thanks for the list. It's flattering to know you liked so many.


Marsupials are also mammals. They nurse their young, though they do so inside the pouch (to which the young usually pull themselves along their mother's fur after leaving the womb while still tiny). All very weird compared to the rest of mammals, but they still cover all the needed bases.


Thanks for setting me straight, MPop.

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