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Don't forget that dips in traffic can be attributed to rss feeders, which stat counters can't measure unless the reader clicks through to comment (as I just did, from Bloglines). So, I would say to look at your numbers and then mentally double them, just to be safe. :)


Thanks, Diana, for the boost. Over at Diana's blog, a post on reading about the ancient world. Go, go, go, Diana, and I hope you like the World of Odysseus. M.I. Finley was a great scholar and that was a very good book of its time. I don't know of a better one on its topic with comparable readability.

M Light

Thank you, again, DF, for this wonderful, blogging encouragement. I'm glad you liked the music videos too.

I didn't know that about RSS feeds. So, if someone uses an RSS feed, and they like one's blog well enough to add it, then they don't show up on statistics as a reader! What use are the stats then?!

Happy turkeying!


So, if someone uses an RSS feed, and they like one's blog well enough to add it, then they don't show up on statistics as a reader!

That's right! And there are many, many different feed aggregators. I can think of Bloglines, Google Reader, Yahoo has one - but I'm hardly an expert so who knows how many are out there? Some bloggers meet this by setting their posts so that only the first few lines show up in feed readers, forcing those readers to click through and be counted.

I don't do this because I know that, as a reader, sometimes that's enough to make me skip a post if it's not one of my "must-reads" and I don't want to lose a single reader...

And thanks, DF. I'm looking forward to Finley's book. :)

Caroline Aquino

Between your two choices of "Sooner or Later" I'd choose Karen's legs over Bernadette's hair, though it's a close race. :)

And I'm saying a prayer to St. Anthony for your camera. (I thought my mother and I were the only people who ever did that to try to find a lost item.)


You know, Caroline, the first time anyone mentioned praying to St. Anthony it kind of went like this:

SCENE: My cluttered office.

Me: "I can't find my ________ (I now can't remember what it was) anywhere. It's just gone."
Catholic colleague, a wonderful lady: "Why don't you pray to St. Anthony?"
Me: "When I pray, I tend to go straight to the top, God himself."
Catholic colleague, picking up the ______________. "Is this your ________?"

On a trip to Italy in 2005, we visited St. Anthony's home church in Padova, and learned a little about him. Apparently he was a brilliant preacher. I felt a very strong affinity for him there, something hospitable and comfortable, which isn't usual for me in huge old churches.

We were in Assisi on that same trip and I had a very strong experience concerning Francis.

So I have been meditating on the communon of saints more and more, not as magical fixes but as fellow Christians who have lived the faith and are always present in a mysterious way.

That said, I asked Anthony just this morning for a little prayer to find my daughter's library book, and she found it-- or, that is, a person returned it to her, which is a great way of showing that God works through human beings.

So I have tremendous affection for Anthony and those who have gone before.

And on a completely different topic... yes, the legs.

Moom, the turkey soup is good stuff. And so is your blog.

Diana, expect a post on the World of Odysseus, if I can put on the brakes this weekend.

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