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M Light

I like your new category - and the story.

Happy New Year


Same to you, Moom. Many blessings on you and your family.

Bob Mustin

Nice post. You should shop it to some litmags. I used to hit less imaginative things - rocks. Wrecked a Louisville Slugger.


Your comment on particularity makes me think of a ranger's nighttime amphitheater lecture I heard as a child. He explained how to tell the difference between mountain laurel and rhododendron. I think that was when I first became aware that plants (an by extension, other things) could be particularly observed.


Bob, I used rocks too once or twice but was horrified at the damage. Didn't stop me from making my bat and backyard a pulpy mess.

Iulia, Great example. I came late in life to realize that a love of creation's particularity resembles the love of the Creator of the world for creation, and that attention to creation is good in itself and also has many other benefits, including better writing.

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