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M Light

How bizarre. I was actually going to blog about this book this evening - except that, in the time I had planned to review the book and refresh my memory, I ended up, instead, in a long conversation with a woman who, seemingly, never met a stranger (I ended up garden-blogging instead).

I really enjoyed the book a few weeks ago when I read it in one afternoon on vacation. I found what Sax said very interesting as far as educating boys, and I'm rethinking a bit of how we're homeschooling younger son (to possibly be even less "formal" than we already are). I'm also fairly certain that, had they been in regular schools, both sons would have been recommended for Ritalin (which I would have vehemently opposed). Fortunately, we can arrange our homeschooling in whatever way works for, and challenges, each child.

Where I disagree with him, and with other books of the same sort, is in the idea that "all boys learn this way" (or all girls). Math was my favorite subject in school, and I would have hated cooperative math groups (of the sort recommended for the education of girls). His book at least gave some space to the education of boys who don't fit the stereotype.

I also wish that he addressed the role of myelinization in adolescence since it's occasionally mentioned as one of the reasons for girls maturing faster.


Great minds think alike. If all goes well, my review of the book will be in the N&O on Sunday, November 4. I don't like the review as much as this post, however. Blogs are good as rough drafts and for supplemental word counts. The review is supposed to be a max of 800 words.

I agree also that Sax can be overly categorizing. But at least he's aware that he's doing it-- or maybe that's just his editor being extra careful.

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