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These Myers-Briggs posts have been wonderfully entertaining to read! Thank you!

Todd Granger

As Iulia writes, wonderfully entertaining.


And thank you guys for reading .

Sam Keyes

I meant to say earlier, these are great. Although I am not sure if I can describe myself as "the mistress of the cash economy." But I do think this is all psychobabbly hooey. Which is why I may have to temporarily take advantage that the I was always borderline J/P. I've always wanted to be Apollo. He lived in the air conditioning vent in the ceiling of my first Latin classroom, and got blamed for all manner of thing.


This is me. I always felt something special for Hephaestus, not quite "in" that wild crowd on Olympus, not getting a fair shake, but not taking the usual Greek-divine measure of revenge about it. And I totally understand the clowning to get people to get along, or reduce the tension in a room. Been there many times. I've gotta get people emotionally comfortable, or I can't rest.


Sam, too bad there's not a god for INTX. Maybe in a different culture from the Greek!

And MoomPa, it is grand to be Hephaestus somehow, although that crippled foot thing is annoying. Still, I'd endure it for the ability to make the Shield of Achilles.


Very interesting. I have always wondered why someone hasn't done this before. But what about the INFJ?


INFJ and ENFJ are coming soon, and they will not be divinities. Think of the most famous (functional rather than dysfunctional) couple in Greek Mythology.

R Wenner

I wish you'd write something about Epthimeus, the Greek god of absent-mindedness.

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