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Ironically, it was the relative freedom women enjoyed in the 20s and 40s (in many ways) that caused the backlash in the 50s after the war. I sometimes wonder if the US isn't tending toward the same kind of backlash now-- all this talk about moral conservatism and the nuclear family following hard on 80s feminism (which still exists).
And all these books and shows about how to be a professional and spouse and/or domestic whiz are participating in this-- because the message is affirmative ("yes, you are a professional"), but on top of that, there is still emphasis on the home. I mean that this is true for men and women alike.
I always appreciate how you elucidate men's issues. These models limit men as much as they do women, and the way you apply existentialism is one way out of this, perhaps.


Yes, it feels ripe to me also for a backlash, although I don't know that the cycle can repeat in the same way anymore. I think in some ways, at least in the USA, women have come so far that they can only be pushed back so far, unless there is a Handmaid's Tale type of cataclysm.


I forgot to put my name to that last comment before I submitted it, but it's me.
I'm glad you spoke highly of the film and let it be known that Crowe is a villain-- I think I'd like to see it now.

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