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I've heard plenty of folks use eggcorns--I'm even guilty of "hone in on." Figured it was a figure of speech related to sharpening a knife. I just didn't know these little linguistic booboos were called eggcorns. How hilarious! I keep a place in my classroom for students to post oxymorons and redundancies, and I use their postings as an opener for English. I'll definitely be adding "eggcorns" to the mix! ~connie


I would venture to say that "hone in on" is becoming the norm, so pretty soon that won't be an eggcorn at all.

Another reader and friend pointed out to me a page on "autoantonyms," or words with two definitions that are opposites.

"Dust" is a good example of an autoantonym. You can "dust" furniture, which means to remove material from something, and you can "dust" a cake with powdered sugar, which means to put material on to something.

One link:

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