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Daniel Mendelsohn

What a nice posting--my father just forwarded this to me! I remember well my first conference paper, too--particularly the apple-green Wilke Rodriguez wool-and-cashmere sport coat I'd bought especially for the occasion, with its then-fashionable boxy shoulders and loose fit. Ah, the late 80s. (You see? Memory IS all a matter of perspective!) Seriously, you're very nice to write this charming remembrance of things very long past. Greetings from Australia, where I'm on my Oz book tour!



You remember apple-green. I seem to remember gold and black hound's tooth. Memory.

Enjoy yourself and sell a million copies.


I reckon I ought not say this, since obviously you never know who's going to be reading, but circumspection has never been my strength (and I've already bought a copy of THE LOST as a birthday present for my daughter): I'm very disappointed in this reminiscence - not nearly as scandalous as I'd hoped!


Yes, well, er, um... I decided to leave out the part about my fistfight with Michaelsmith in the hotel bar after the session, and the part where Mendelsohn got hit in the head with a shot glass and we all went to the emergency room... yeah, that's what happened... and how the ER nurse gave DM a butterfly bandage and me a butterfly kiss... yes, it's just like yesterday... I was going to put all this in, but you must be careful about what you publish on the Internet, mustn't you? (grin)


Now that's more like it...

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