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This doesn't make me particularly keen to watch 300 but I think you're maligning comic books! And have you seen some of the newer graphic novels?


Lee, I should have said that 300 began its life as a comic book, or graphic novel, by Frank Miller. So the movie should be like a comic book. I think I will change the post to reflect that.

As to graphic novels, I have seen a few of them, and not really "gotten" them. I am of the Tintin generation, and I've never found anything that gives me as much pleasure as those books.


Ok. First, I should tell you that I watched Sparticus the other day - and loved the balance of the story - It was quite touching... The problem with modern retellings of these Mythic battles is that now - American Filmmakers are not going for the story - they're going for the European audience. That's where the big bucks are.

Most films in these action hero dramas contain lack of dialogue, lack of story, but are chocked full of action - and bloodbloodblood. This for some reason, makes for a great, easy to understand film for the Eurpoean teen - who may not understand all the the subtleties of American Culture (just as we fail to understand theirs...)

All this to say, I have not seen 300, and likely won't. I did, however, watch Adaptation the other night - and was impressed by its complexities. I could talk about it for hours.

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