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Bakkhos is the power of generative and destructive energy and the release of this energy in ecstacy. The god is the unbindable bull, it is the god release.


Bakkhos is the god of wine. the god is the symbol, not what it symbolizes. wine means drunk, erotic, naked, carried away, violent, sad, turbulence, losing yourself.


Clearly there is a lot we can say about Dionysus.

M Light

Having studied philosophy, I (I guess, knee-jerkily) expected your post on Dionysus to be more along Nietzchean lines. What you actually wrote is far more interesting.

I know you don't usually address this on your blog, but how do you reconcile letting out one's dark and uncontrollable sides with keeping to one's Christian faith?


I don't equate "letting out" or indulging one's dark side with being healthy spiritually.

The metaphor of "letting out" suggests to me a kind of dangerous caged beast that needs to be let rage for a while, then put back into its cage.

I don't believe in that type of metaphor at all. If our dark side is a beast, then it must lie at our sides and become our ally, though we always recognize its huge power.

I believe that we need to be humble, and aware, and open, NOT in denial, NOT in dishonesty, NOT in narcissism, and forgiving of ourselves, and actively seek to use the energy of our dark sides in positive ways.

(Plato said that Desire of all kinds is the first step towards God.)

That means the impulses to murder, and covet, and rape, and commit suicide, and destroy, and belittle, and spoil, and hoard, and survive at others' expense need to be redirected creatively.

For example, I think the 12 step program is a great way to redirect oneself after coming to realize the harm one has done to oneself and others through substance abuse. An alcoholic never "lets out" his desire to drink himself to death, but lives with it day to day and redirects himself to love of self and his neighbor.

It's not an easy answer or process. I try to work towards awareness, honesty and integrity in my life and I try to acknowledge my dark side and make it my ally in any way I can. Thanks be to God that God loves us, all of us, in all our imperfections.

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