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I liked this a lot. Sixth grade was when I finally got the message that teachers were often using us. And by junior high it was obvious that some had some weird issues that they worked out on us. I'm not saying there wasn't some great teaching done, or that there were no good teachers - but there were others...


That's fantastic. I love this story. It reminds me of a time when I joined a bell choir for half a year. We did a piece called "Paean" or something like that. I don't remember what prompted this - but the music teacher told us it was a song honoring someone... I asked why then, the author wrote about a Peon...

Ok. I actually like your story much better. It made someone a better person. Sorry I missed you in NC. Maybe next time.


And I didn't say how much I love the last line of this. So how much of this is based on real experience and how much is fiction? It's not every day one gets to ask an author that.


Kell, make sure you write about the musical Peon at your blog.

MPop, every word of this is true. After all, as James Frey once said, this is memoir.

And thanks for the strokes, both of you.

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