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Actually, Neil's dad wants him to go into medicine... (I adore this film - I love the fact that it's chockfull of poetry !)

You make an interesting suggestion re. Lee's Jesse and Heracles...

bob mustin

DPS came out, as I remember, about the same time as The Big Chill, in which a friend of a group of former counterculturalists commits suicide. At the funeral, the pastor (and I forget the exact line) said "When did being a good man among common people become not good enough?"
In a time when every Little Leaguer gets a trophy, and every family member becomes irate when a student gets something less than a B, I have to wonder when reality begins to set in.


Welcome to BwP, Michele. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

As you know, being a writer can really feed and starve that ambition to be extraordinary, Bob. A writer can write better than 99% of the population at his craft and still not have a hope of publishing a commercial book, for a whole raft of reasons.

That's one reason why I like and follow Lee Lowe. She is generously talented writer who enjoys writing for its own sake. A good role model.

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