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I htink that you are being unfair to Theo Papaloukas. What he said is "we played clever" not "we are clever". I do not know how his words translated into US media, but I heard him live on Greek TV.

Probably the best asset of this Greek team is that they have NEVER raised their egos above the team and what they really are: A bunch of very good (not exceptional) players. Yes they are a modest team and yes they are among the best basketball players out there, just like the members of Team USA. To date, despite what I read around the web, I have not heard or read a single cooment coming from the Team USA players thar shows lack of respect to their opponents in this tournament. You guys have to give them some credit too. They just played against a better performing team that particular night and they lost. It is not the end of basketball for USA.


Elias, Thanks for reading BwP.

Regardless of what Papaloukas said in Greek, the American media for some reason has a stake in making sure that African Americans are seen as great athletes but somehow not clever, while Europeans and others are seen as clever but not great athletes. I think this is grossly unfair to everyone.

My point: everyone who plays basketball at this high a level is an exceptional athlete AND exceptionally clever. You couldn't play at this level without being both.

Congratulations to Greece again, and continued success in the future!

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