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An excellent list - and by all means, read Jon Hassler. I just love him. For you, I specifically recommend "Simon's Night." You'll laugh and laugh and laugh.


A great and varied list. This meme has been travelling through blogland at the speed of light, not many have had the courage to mention their childhood influences - so important!


Whoops. I'm not a meme person, but I'll do this later today. Fair's fair.

Do read Dudman, she's terrific.

What's the damaging trend started by Campbell? I'm rather ignorant here.


Thanks for coming by, all.

Kelly, I like books that make me laugh. I will check out Simon's Night. Kelly included a book called Boundaries that was sort of an inspiration for my August 8 post (soon to appear).

Minx, will you post a couple of your favorites of this meme at your blog? Or should I just search Google blogs?

Lee's question is answered in the post after this one.

M Light

This one took a while to think about (and a long time to write up!).



Well this is so weird - the first time I've ever been tagged and I get tagged for the same meme (in a way) by two people! Thank you DF - for the comment on my blog and thank you also for the kind comment on my fiction.

Just had a brief scroll through and I see much to grab my attention here. It's always so great to find another blogger with so many interests in common - very much looking forward to reading more.

(And I agree completely about the simplest tales beig the most poignant).

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