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I know this is silly - but I didn't peg you as a sports freak... but I DID see the US' only goal against any team in the World Cup - I know they didn't win - but that goal should make this great nation proud.


You're right about the goal. That's why they call soccer The Beautiful Game.

As to pegging me, you couldn't have known that I grew up in a family of five boys, with a dad who is a big sports fan. Heredity and environment got me there.

But then, there's the intellectual side of sports also. I was at my son's last day of baseball camp and met one of his old coaches, a former college catcher and Marine who just graduated from divinity school.

Me: How are you?
Him: Okay. It's been kind of a rough week. I had a few funerals.
Me: I'm sorry.
Him: But that's life, you know? Life starts from death.
Me: Yeah. Just like baseball.
Him: Hell yeah. I'm going to write a curriculum about that.
Me: Well, if you want someone to critique it, get in touch with me, because I'm into that, too.

That's the jock way to talk about theology.

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