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You should be writing for a food magazine. That was great - I'm heading out to the farm market.

Ambrosially yours,


Thanks, Kelly. There are lots of food bloggers out there who could be writing for food magazines. My favorite is Alberto's Il Forno, but he has not posted as often as in the past, more's the pity. Dig into his archives for a bunch of classy posts.

Also this one is really good:

Write about your produce expedition. It's always good to get back to the farm.


Todd Granger

"The sampling process is a little like communion, a little like the marriage of Persephone and Hades. Once you've eaten from a farmer's produce, a bond is forged. It takes a brave customer to walk away from a table after he's made eye-contact and bit into a man's life work."

Very well put, David.

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