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Liz Neville

Enjoyed reading your comments on Modestly Yours as well as browsing your site. Thanks for your plug-- we modest gals appreciate it!


You're welcome, Liz. Thanks for coming by.


A postscript as I've been thinking further...

As a man I am probably more on the outside looking in than the primary audience of a blog like Modestly Yours. An earlier post noted (and I have heard this also many times) that women dress for each other, not for men, so the modesty dynamic and the power issues involved therein are importantly female/female.

Theriomorph's post, "Why I don't hang out much with straight women," is a beautiful and succinct piece on the issues on women interacting with women.

a modest gal

Yup, I agree with you DF. Interestingly, typepad took down their feature, wonder why. Were people offended?


I noticed that, too, Modest Gal. I think they are rotating featured weblogs more frequently than before-- maybe because they are getting more folks who want to be featured?

Perhaps someone at MY should write Typepad and ask about the quick hook.

Thanks for writing.

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