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I had the same dread when I heard the words "Disney" and "Narnia" in the same sentence. But that was alleviated when I found out that the movie was going to be co-produced with Walden Media. My children informed me that they did a great, and accurate, job with Holes. And Douglas Gresham's involvement also reassured me.

So, in preparation, I started reading "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" to my younger son in October. My older children have read the Narnia Chronicles many times, and I've read it out loud to them more than once too. I wanted to make sure that my younger son heard the book before seeing the movie. He loved it and wanted to go right on to the next one. We're currently halfway through "Dawn Treader." If they go on to do the next movie, I'm very curious how Repicheep will be portrayed. After how well they did with "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," I have high hopes for the next one.


Thanks for the thoughts, M., and congratulations on your blog. Nicely put together and full of insight and wisdom. If you know of other homeschoolers with interest in Greek Mythology, let them know about BwP. I've got a new project with homeschoolers in mind that you all might be interested in.

I don't know if Dawn Treader will make as good a movie as Lion. There is a lot of psychological and allegorical stuff going on. Will Eustace's repentance and spiritual growth make for big box office? But Prince Caspian, Horse's Boy, and Silver Chair could translate well to the big screen.

Best of success to your blog, and thanks for writing.


Thank you for the kind words about my blog, and for looking at it! And I'll pass on the word about your blog.

I agree that the Dawn Treader would be a harder movie to make (for traditional movie standards) though there are many things that the special effects people would have a great time with - including Eustace as a dragon, falling into the picture at the beginning, and the monopods. But you're right - the drama is more internal rather than having an external enemy to fight.

What sort of project with homeschoolers are you considering?


About the project-- let me work on it some before I unveil anything, and in the meantime I'd love to hear from anyone homeschooling students in grades 5+ who would appreciate a professional perspective on Greek Mythology. Best, DF

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