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You are wrong my friend. Telegonos doesn't take Odysseus, Penelope and Telemachus back to Circe to grand them immortality as you say. I don't know where you heard that but I'm Greek and I study Odysseus from a little child. The true story is after Telegonos kills Odysseus he marries Penelope and Telemachos marries Circe which I know doesn't sound well but that's what is known from the stories through the ages.


This as far mythology counts. Historical facts are that Odysseus had advisers that explained him a dream he saw. They told him that he would be killed by his own son. This brought him with conflict with Telemachus. He restrained him as he could not kill his son. After that Telegonos came in one night and was asking for Odysseus telling the guards he is his son. The guards didn't let him see him. They thought it was Telemachus. Finally they told Odysseus and he came out angered with a spear to confront him. He missed as he throw his spear and Telegonos killed him with his spear without knowing he is his father. After that Telemachus kept most of Ithaca, gave Telegonos the distant parts and Ptoliporthos the middle of the island. The advisers were sent to Sparta where they told the story to Dihos that wrote it down.


omg witch one is it

John Hawke

You are all pretty much correct, each one of these is a myth about the death of Odysseus. As for me - I like the one that Shakspere thought was correct. Odysseus dies at sea and is cast up on Calypso's isle and there he is buried (calypso means buried in ancient greek). Meanwhile back home a young man grows up without his father and has many difficulties adjusting to the world. Telemachus feels abandoned by his father, and is worried about loosing his mothers affections to one of the suitors. Hamlet has the same issues (and has a relative named Laertes), Hamlet confronts his mother in a violent scene and of course it all ends in a bloody mess. For people who study psychology Telemachus is paranoid (they are out to kill him) has violent mood swings (why does he kill the 12 servnt girls?) and he had to summon his father back - just as an ancient greek would summon one of the dead, to cover for his violent crimes. Hamlet did all these things as well. Homer is brilliant in his telling of the story because many different scenarios are possible, but importantly this is the version that I think Homer himself believed.


Thanks for your point of view, John. This post generates a consistent number of hits year in and year out from people doing searches, and I frankly don't know why it's such a big deal. Is there some professor out there who asks every year for students to write a paper on Odysseus' death? Regardless, I'm grateful that people continue to read the post-- and comment on it!

Adam N Leonard

I wrote a novel to be released December 2011 which tells the real story of the death of Odysseus. It's called THE RIFT RIDERS- Check it out.

Susan Dugal

I truly love all the tough work that you
have devoted to keeping this blog here for all of us. I really hope this stays around for a long

sam resa

Everyone is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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