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I'm overwhelmed by your kindness, David; evharistoume poli.

How marvelous to come visit and find both Proteus (and the neat painting behind the link) and embarrassing praise.

Thetis spoke about shapeshifting on the blog a while back, and Medusa, too - the first entry is where the name for the site came from. How right you are, though, that Proteus is the writer's metaphor (and hopefully I am less a bore than a boar, at least most of the time).

As for crickets, ie: critics, they chirp and chirp, and I just say 'Tithonus, get a grip. I'm trying to work, here.'

It is hard work, the craft of writing, as any craft is, but by far the most joyful, for me - followed closely by Greek mythology. So glad to have come across Breakfast with Pandora, and thank you once again for this lovely compliment, and for helping me acquire readers at Theriomorph.


Hope you didn't think the huge boar comment was directed at you... couldn't resist the pun. One of my weaknesses. And from the Tithonus crack-ette, I guess it's one of yours, too.

I look forward to reading more of the past, present and future of Theriomorph.

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