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Liminal times, indeed - especially when masks must fall.

A beautiful essay.

Loosely from the Saxons, then, via Buckland's version of the Wiccan liturgy for Samhain as found in 'The Tree':

"Gracious Goddess, we thank you for the joys of summer, for the crops, the harvest, for life, for love - we who love you as we know you love us.

Return again next year, when your time is come.

When your companion-love, our lord, has led us safely through the dark...

As lord of life, of love, of death, would lord Woden bid you have no fear...With my lady at my side I shall know always there is light. I shall know always there is hope of life to come...

Our loved ones join with us; let us greet them, and one another...feast and make merry...remember those who have gone on to the domain of the mighty ones...this night is for merriment 'ere the hardships of winter enfold us. Be happy all. So be it."


You reminded me of a passage from one of my journals:

"I am the pagan man, with the pagan man's hope. The hope of evergreen humanity, humanity that passes its greenness along, that keeps it for a time and passes it, so that at every moment in this earth there are always those who are young and strong and in the prime of life with the illusion and the hope of some grand eternal greenness for all people."

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